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Armed Forces Shipping Address Guidelines

Military and diplomatic address must follow guidelines:

  • APO: Air or Army Post Office,

  • DPO: Diplomatic Post Office

  • FPO: Fleet Post Office.

To make sure that your military and diplomatic mail is sent without delays, confirm that your order's shipping address format satisfies the following guidelines:

  • The Name field must contain the recipient’s full name, rank is optional.

  • The Address field must include the recipient’s unit and box number in the following format:

    • Air Force (APO): PSC # Box #

    • Army (APO): Unit # Box #

    • Embassy (DPO): Unit # Box #

    • Navy (FPO): Ship # Hull #

  • The City field must contain either APO, DPO, or FPO to route packages as the military mail instead of international mail. The city shouldn't be the actual destination city or to the Military Post Office (MPO).

  • The State field must be either AA (Armed Forces Americas), AE (Armed Forces Europe), or AP (Armed Forces Pacific). The state shouldn't be the actual destination state.

  • The ZIP Code field must be a military postal code, not the destination postal code or billing zip code. Military postal codes are matched to the state code in the following format:

    • AA state zip code begins with 340

    • AE state zip code begins with 090-099

    • AP state zip code begins with 962-966

  • The Country field (if asked) must be US or United States.

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